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Preserved Flowers


Preserved Flower Bunga Mawar

Cek pilihan bunga yang diawetkan yang terbaik dalam potongan unik atau khusus & buatan tangan.

  • Preserved roses with Preserved various preserved flower arrangement.(Approximately dimension: d =7 cm x h = 9 cm)
    IDR 429,000
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  • Preserved Roses with hydrangea and leaves arrange in a nice vase arrangement.(Approximately dimension: 11x4x15 cm)
    IDR 392,000
    IDR 522,000
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  • Preserved Rose (colors: Red and Purple)
    IDR 503,000
    IDR 670,000
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  • Preserved Roses with Preserved Hydrangea, Leaves, Grass in a steel Vase.(Approximately dimension: 19x4x8 cm).
    IDR 567,000
    IDR 756,000
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  • Heart shape flowers with 12 Preserved Roses with Fillers. This Heartshape flowers is suitable for Valentine's and you can also hang it in your house.(Approximately dimension: 23x19x13 cm)
    IDR 750,000
    IDR 1,500,000
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